September 10, 2008

The Bedrock

In Coquille, OR is the Cob Cottage Company's North American Retreat Center for Natural Building. This years 10 week apprentice group created an incredible structure called "The Bedrock." You can see that they graciously and rather ingeniously incorporated an onsite rock into their design. A mattress fits atop the rock. There is shelving, storage and a beautiful desk in the building along with a window seat, small niches and a time capsule. :) A successful building with character was born with joy! I was fortunate to teach earthen plasters and natural finishes there with Linda Smiley as part of the closing week.

Here is the building pre-plaster.

A beginning shot of the roof from Jim Keuer.

Before plaster. Note the fabulous pocket rocket stove.

We made plaster sample boards.
And played with design.

Here's mine above with my fun new palette knives
We plastered the outside first.

Oh yeah.

Linda shows us the pajareque technique to create a bench.

Time to plaster the interior!
All plasterers in The Bedrock.

Beautiful earthen floor, burl shelves and door!

Crafts in the garden!

All soil is sacred.

Our time capsule celebration party!

Thank you Linda, Nathan, Paul, Greg, Mike, Kevin, Jo, Diane, Ofra, Jim and Max for a truly wonderful experience.


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