January 15, 2009

Earth Sculpture at Spirit Pine

On January 10th and 11th we hosted an Earth Sculpture workshop at Spirit Pine Sanctuary. Patra Loundsberry came to assist us in the process of sculpting with earth. We created animals, totems, spirit houses, and candle holders. A variety of techniques were used, many of us began our pieces by making armatures with metal and wood. We explored embedding treasures, seeds and found objects. The workshop taught about how these techniques could be applied when building an earthen home. Betty and I made and shared info about natural paints and finishes and we used them on our pieces. Here are some photos from our sculpture weekend!

Patra creating an armature outside of
Grandma Jackie's house, my current abode

We began the weekend with a walk in the Chumash wilderness, our backyard, gathering inspiration. The experience was nurturing and our creations brought us joy.

Everyone brought something to share

Cassie created delicious meals for us

I made a shelf to hang on the wall.
It holds a candle and is made with cob
and decorated with broken mirror.


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