June 6, 2009

VBC- Solar Powered Cat Palace

Drawing and design concept by Mark Lakeman
I am currently in Portland, Oregon at The Village Building Convergence. This year I am teaching cob building and we are building a Cat Palace. It is quite a beautiful structure that is emerging!

When Mark called me a few months ago and said "Would you help me build a 24 solar powered cat palace?" Well, of course I said "Yes!"

Yes, it is true. Full of creativity and kitty amenities. There will be a fan roof at the top and it will be a radial photovoltaic structure for powering the palace's lighting and waterfall systems. There will also be passive solar gain for the "Willie The Cat Memorial Catnip Lounge", as well as numerous other feline amenities such as a skyscape viewing platform and a cave-like cat porch, yet to be named.

The Cat Palace is right around the corner from the
Share-It Square Angel Bench and The 24 Tea Station.
What a wonderful neighborhood!
The above photo is of seedum on the living roof of the neighbor's
cob sauna which I will plaster while I am here.
At this moment....still to be completed- final form removed, finish plaster and details, roofing and more shingles on patio roofs, pv system installed, fishtank, etc.


Blogger Tony said...

Such a wonderful update form my most favoritist people and place... so wish I was there, even though I am not a cat person... love the video of Mark and seeing Carmen in the background :)

7:35 AM  
Blogger mudgirl said...

The sounds are my favorite in this video, the non-human word sounds! They sound like cob!
My cat just let me know she wants one too!

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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