May 1, 2009

Earthen Renovation Update!

Back for another session of innovation, beauty and fun. We have added plasters, finish plasters and alizes to the porch, outside walls and in the kitchen. Walking around one sees many earthen elements seamlessly incorporated into this home. There are lovely niches and earthen solar tubes. It is inspiring to be here. I helped to make and trowel on a finish plaster outside this week. Ed and I are repainting the kitchen.
Check the previous post ("Aviation Grade Cob") for project details.
Above- plastering in process
Above- The view from inside the bedroom
The porch bench, wall and chimney we built are plastered!
Looks so good with the ferrocement roof!
The column which you are seeing above is the chimney from the rocket stove downstairs.

Kata and Erica put a luscious earthen plaster the kitchen ceiling bays.
And below, more earth plaster in the kitchen. Wish you could see the mica!
Above you can see a photo of Kata and Erica putting Erica's scrumptious cookies in our rocket stove oven tests. A terra cotta pot has been turned upside down and we experimented with a round piece of granite on the barrel.
Putting the PIZZA in our rocket stove test bake oven!
Yum! Yes it's pizza from the rocket stove!Plastering with 3 of my favorite ladies! (Michelle took this shot. :) )
The outside wall looking good. Great plaster mix Kata!
Earthen Solar Tube!
Michelle's niche with light from the solar tube!


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