October 30, 2009

Beautiful October

Harvesting pine needles and admiring the pitch.

Music in the courtyard.

Denali comes to visit!!!
And Betty taught us how to make pine needle baskets.
Below is a photo of mine in the making.
Levi and I harvesting at our friends organic farm.

Putting the rafters up and building an extension portal to access the sky observation deck!
The roof has been completed on the Sunburst Earthen Oven!

And of course, no month is more delightful than one where your friends challenge you to a sandcastle competition. See the earthen oven courtyard? How bout the rice terraces following the contours and the lovely drip castle balcony? Cass, Travis, Max and I went to Carpenteria and sculpted this together in front of where Max's grandparents once lived. This was a special afternoon...Eating at The Spot and jumping in the waves. I love swimming in the ocean.


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