September 21, 2009

The Fuddy

Adelaide and I at the site on the first day.
Levi and I inside the foundation trench.
The building will be 10' x 15'.

Watering the hard clay soil so that we could dig.

Ed helps me get urbanite!

The most fabulous, function stacking, foundation digging
Adelaide and Luca (& Zuri!) in the back of the truck on the way to find Serpentine for the retaining wall.

Ratcheting the lag screws into the bottom plate

Fuddy Door!
Yeah!!! The pallets begin to go up!

I am designing and constructing a building at Spirit Pine called the Fuddy.
The term "Fuddy" is used to describe a humble dwelling. This building is made with reclaimed pallets and was inspired by the Pallet Barn we made with Dafyd and Yolanda last spring. (See previous post.) The pallets are later stuffed and plastered with straw clay.

Three people have come to learn and build this September with me. Their names are Adelaide, Luca and Fezzo. I am appreciative of their enthusiasm and motivation.

Everyone at Spirit Pine has been very helpful to the design process,
each bringing wisdom and skill. As the building grows, so do I.

Stay tuned.....


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