April 7, 2010

BioConstruyendo Patagonia

I was an instructor at BioConstruyendo Patagonia in February, 2010. There were 20 instructors and 120 participants. I taught courses on how to make and apply earthen paints and plasters and created sculpture with earthen material.

Program included:

Introduction to Permaculture
Permaculture and Natural Building
Passive Solar Design
Introduction to Natural Building
Composting Toilets
Solar Water Heating
Grey Water Treatment
Sacred Geometry
Green or Living Roofs
Geodesic Domes

Natural Building Techniques Covered:

Adobe Brick
Wattle and Daub
Light Straw-Clay Bricks
Earth Bag Construction
Natural Plasters
Earthen Sculpture
Tile Mosaic
Natural Paints
Insulating Panels
Cast Floor Panels


CIDEP, which stands for Center for Permaculture Research, Development and Education, is the central location for both hands-on projects and lectures. The center is a 24 acre farm in a beautiful rural area at the foothills of the Andes and 9 miles from the center of the town of El Bolson. Many sustainable systems at various stages of development exist at the center including natural windbreaks, natural buildings, alternative energy generation, passive solar systems, composting toilets, recycling, garden, and nature reserve spaces. The presence of all these systems creates a dynamic environment for participants since they actually live in and experience them.


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