October 31, 2008

The Natural Building Colloquium

This October I attended the Natural Building Colloquium on the Gaviota Coast in California and it was truly one of the highlights of my existence. 80 builders from around the world! Yes! Thank you Natural Building Network! http://www.naturalbuildingnetwork.org/ The experience was so supportive and affirming of the work I do. I had a meaningful realization about how natural building is both a physical and a spiritual practice. The Colloquium is always a great time to learn and share techniques. We worked together to create bathroom stalls at Orella Ranch which enabled us to learn and teach different approaches to wall systems- including wattle and daub, straw clay, cob, wire wattle and pajareque. Great presentations, food, beauty and friends. Inspiring conversations about approaches to so many aspects of the movement. Erica has a great blog about this time so please check out her blog as well as Kelly Hart's- http://dayonedesign.blogspot.com/ and http://www.greenhomebuilding.com/weblog/2008/11/natural-building-colloquium-2008.htm
This photo, taken by Erin Condo, is of the bathroom stalls before we worked on the walls. I will be visiting Orella Ranch again within the week and will post some updated photos soon.

Beautiful friends

Wire wattle

Fashionable cob mustaches by Ed
Erica is a skilled stained glass artist and used her creativity to incorporate beauty into the walls. Check out more of her work- http://www.saturnstainedglass.com/

Later at Art's, ukuleles unite!

Erica hanging her clothes washed with water collected from Art Ludwig's beautiful cistern below.

Penny Livingston plays as the sunsets and good friends sit in the old Oak tree.