December 27, 2009

Fuddy Now

After we put in all the windows we stuffed the walls with straw clay.
Serena and I are making the mix above.
The Fuddy ceiling is made of corrugated metal.
We put a thick layer of straw clay insulation in the roof.
We sheathed the roof with plywood.
Then we put pond liner on the roof and covered it with a thick mulch.
We completed the 1st coat of exterior plaster.
Above is Fezzo cleaning off the bottles.
The door is on and the stem wall complete!
Bottle installation.
Putting in the drainage layer with Noah.
The wood stove with built in wood block for chopping kindling.
Jur and Natalie putting in the earthen base floor.
This is what it looks like inside the Fuddy right now.
Next I will put in some shelves and do an interior plaster.
Erica Ann and the Bush family came to visit for the holidays and took this photo of us outside the Fuddy! Thanks to Fezzo for the photos for this post.