September 23, 2008

Riverfront Farm Eco-House

The rafters in place.

Opening the oven!

Attaching the metal roof.

Spokane is Ready for GREEN JOBS NOW!

Using local materials and our creativity, we made an earthen oven at Riverfront Farm in Spokane, Washington. The project was a part of "Green Jobs Now: National Day of Action to Build the New Economy", in which we joined with 700 communities and 50,000 people across the North America. The workshop was organized by Community Minded Enterprises . The oven will be part of a bigger outdoor kitchen and bandshell and will used by the neighborhood and by “Project HOPE” toward the development of youth micro enterprise projects.

What a lucky oven to be in a bountiful garden and with such kind people living around it!

These photos were just sent to me by Garbriel of the most recent oven party at the farm! 2/10/09 :)

September 16, 2008

On a Red Full Moon

I worked with Kiko Denzer this week, helping to roof a beautiful earthen garden wall he built. There is a Rumford fireplace shown here and a cozy bench on the other side.

I also visited new friends, Aaron and Autumn, at the future site of The Oregon Folk School. Yes! They are creating something amazing!
They showed me how to use a bow and arrow. Ha, ha, I see from the photo Autumn took that I need to work on my form but look! I got a good shot my second try. :)

Back at Hannah and Kikos,
a smaller, handmade version of the crocks I love.

Ben, Kai, Isaac and Eban singing.

The dreamy valley.

Together with the ladies in the garden.

Hannah's bread, Karen's cornbread, potatoes mandoline,
elk, lasagna, flax crackers, bacon, soup stock.
A varitable smorgasbord of deliciousness
came continually out of this oven!

Great design and gorgeous details abound.

A red sunset followed the next day. I am back in Portland now preparing for an upcoming oven job in Spokane.
Today I am going to make oven tools.

September 14, 2008

Apple slices. Blackberries. Raspberries.
Peaches with bourbon soaked vanilla beans in honey.

Pears with cardamom pods and honey. Mixed vegetable pickle.

September 12, 2008

Ms. Yumsford

A beautiful Rumford fireplace built by Max & Nathan
in The Castle. The heat is truly enjoyable & there is a nice mantle.

The dances of happy plasterers.

The sweetness of friends.

Later that night we had a closing dinner at Linda's and headed up to The Castle with our Lanterno Chilenos for a firing.
So warm and lovely.