July 12, 2009

Cat Palace Update

Light switch!
Here you can see the battery box for the solar power.
We prepare for plasterAquarium viewing portal above
Up the stone stairs to the second floor.
One of the patios. Still needs a railing.The top deck. Glass mosaic.Applying the earthen plaster.
Mark attaches the recycled roof shingles.I inset some beautiful ceramic tiles.
See a few of the multi-colored LED lights hanging from the kitty's patio roof.
Special details abound! I inset pieces of a broken plate.
See previous post for Initial phase of the Solar Powered Cat Palace!


Blogger erica ann said...

Amazing Eva!! I can't believe all the wonderful creations you have made in the past few months. Really outstanding. The cat palace is one of a kind for sure. I want to play with you so badly!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Imani Pratt said...

Oh, My God!!! That is beyond beautiful. You, Go, Eva!

5:13 PM  
Blogger evalarevolution said...

Thanks ladies. Hope you get to see it in person someday. :)

7:01 PM  

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